Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Favorite Posts from 2012

I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight three of my favorite posts from last year, one for each of the main themes I cover in the blog: liturgical lessons, healthy eating, and my poetry.  These themes are highlighted in the blog button I created last summer:

Feel free to hang my button on your blog!  I would be happy to hang yours in exchange, so contact me if you want to do that.  I also have a square button highlighting the healthy eating theme (pictured below).  Someday, I’ll make square versions of the other two themes.

My favorite liturgical post of the year is “Tabletop Shrine for Mary” from April 29th. 

Here I share my idea for a table dedicated to Mary.  As I stated in the post, we continue to update our shrine, changing out the items we display there as we move through the liturgical calendar.  Right now, our accordion books about the Magi are standing there keeping our Mary statuette company.

For my favorite healthy eating post of the year, I choose “Healthy Eating: How to Get Started” from June 18th.

Sharing what I learn and the recipes I try during our healthy eating quest is one of my passions, so I believe this post is a good introduction to how I incorporate healthy whole foods into our family diet.  This post offers suggestions for easy and quick healthy breakfasts as well as information about the detriments of sugar.

My favorite post of the year about poetry is “National Poetry Month” from April 10th.

Another of my passions is promoting poetry, particularly from the angle of changing its reputation for being “too difficult” to understand or “irrelevant” to contemporary life.  Of course, I believe neither of those things!  In this post, I shamelessly promote my own poetry, and unsuccessfully tried to start a conversation about the relevance of National Poetry Month.  Try, try again on both accounts.

I hope you enjoy (re)visiting my favorite posts!  Feel free to tell me about your favorite posts from last year, or to offer suggestions for upcoming post topics.  I am still spending my writing time revising my book manuscript, but hope to return to regular posting in a month or so.

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