Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Most Holy Trinity: My First Link Up

As the Easter season comes to an end, the Church celebrates a number of special days the Sundays that follow.  The last Sunday of the Easter season commemorates Pentecost, the visitation of the Holy Spirit to Mary and the Apostles.  The next Sunday, which returns us to Ordinary Time on June 3rd, is dedicated to The Most Holy Trinity, the mystery of our One God in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

I have the honor of hosting the Link up for this feast as part of Familia Católica’s Liturgical Calendar Link up PartyHere is the button to promote this event, my first button!  In the past few days, I have learned how to take an image from the web and turn it into a button, which is not so hard, but not so easy either.  Please hang the Link up button in your sidebar with a link to this post to help me promote this linky party.

You will find the icons to attach your post to the link up and the links that are already participating at the end of this post. 

The Trinity is one of the deepest mysteries of our faith; God is each of the three persons, but still one God.  Also, each of the three persons is not the other; they are distinct expressions of God.  I found a diagram that illustrates this and helps me grasp the concept visually.

Courtesy of the Boston Catholic Journal

Of course, a trefoil or shamrock is the most popular symbol of the Trinity and an easy way to teach this concept; however it lacks a visual representation of the difference between the three.  In any case, my children enjoy decorating shamrocks with the names of the Trinity.  Click on the picture below or the one in the link up to learn how to make these shamrocks.

My daughters and I have also been making other Trinity projects the last few weeks.  We used a coloring page from the Eucharistic Youth Movement to make a lapbook of the Trinity.  The coloring page is actually for the creation, but includes symbols representing each of God’s three persons.  You can find the coloring page here (in the Miscellanea category).  This is a close up of the lapbook’s cover.

My seven year old daughter drew pictures and symbols for God and each of His three persons inside the lapbook and wrote a paragraph about each.  By the way, you can make a lapbook using a file folder refolded to make a triptych, but we used a 9 x 12 envelope instead.  We just removed the brad, carefully separated the glued seams and cut off the sealing flap.  Whichever form you use, if you paste a full size picture on the front, you can cut it after gluing to have an even seam on the front that still shows your picture.

My three year old and I used part of the same coloring page, along with a dove image found in the same gallery (linked above), and some hand drawn symbols to make Trinity popsicle stick puppets.

I’m still thinking about other projects, so I may post more ideas later.  I’m wondering if I can write a poem about the Trinity, using tercets (three line stanzas), of course.  Maybe my seven year old will help me.  I have also been thinking about making a Trinity mobil.

I am very excited to see what you will post and link below.  Please use the button to link back here at the end of your post so your readers can see everyone’s ideas.  

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I have also listed this post in the Catho-link Library hosted by Monica at Equipping Catholic Families.  She has collected links ups for many different events, so her page is a great resource for the entire liturgical year.  Monica is also hosting an Extraordinary Ideas for Ordinary Time Link up.  Go see other great ideas for forming your children’s faith during Ordinary Time.

And, I am connecting with the First Friday Link up for June hosted by Lacy at Catholic Icing.  


  1. Me ha encantado tu entrada y sobre todo la participación del restode la familia, que maravilla. Voy a copiar el botón a mis blogs.
    un abrazo amiga.

  2. ¡Listo! Ya hice la invitación en mi blog y ahora voy a subir mis entradas. Espero hacerlo en estos días. ¡Feliz y Santa Pascua!

  3. Thanks for the link-up, Elisa! I look forward to seeing what else is added! And you and your kids did a great job on those projects! God Bless!

  4. Gracias a todos por la ayuda a promover los enlaces.

    Thanks for linking up, Jennifer.

  5. Ay,ay, ay!!! que ya han publicado lo que tenía planeado hacer. Haber, haber!!!!! déjenme pensar que mas podemos hacer!!!! estaré de vuelta pronto. Un abrazo a todos.

  6. No te preocupes, María. Puede enlazar una idea similar o algo nuevo, estoy feliz de verte participar.

    Xhonané, gracias por todos tus ideas!

  7. Gracias por la fiesta de enlaces. Muy lidas las actividades de tus hijas.

  8. Hola Elisa, ya he enlazado mi entrada en la Fiesta, muchas gracias por ser la anfitriona y permitirme participar. un gran abrazo.

  9. Muchas gracias por promover esta fiesta. Hemos puesto un enlace con una pequeña reflexión, esperamos poder poner alguna más.
    Un saludo

  10. Gracias a todos los participantes en los enlaces! Para los lectores: todavía hay tiempo de enlazar.

    Thank you to all the participants.
    To readers: there is still time to link up.

  11. I have reopened this link up for 2013. I look forward to seeing the new entries.

    He reabrió los enlaces para 2013. Estoy deseando ver las nuevas entradas.


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