Saturday, September 8, 2012

Arma Dei Giveaway

As I mentioned in my last post, the Arma Dei Shoppe is hosting a raffle this week.  Each of the four winners gets their choice of a Cathletics Craft Kit.  Monica offers a variety of products designed to make learning about the faith fun and easy, including a very interesting Lace-Up Missal for children to use during mass that I have my eye on.  You can see the full list of products here.

I will post the raffle entry form below.  Since I recently reviewed the Catholic Lingo Bingo and Lingo Bingo Católico, I am promoting the raffle along with other reviewers.  Monica has set up the raffle so that entrants can get multiple entries by following the blogs of the review panel.  If you choose to subscribe to my blog through the raffle form, you get five entries!  Rafflecopter will send you to my blog feed, where you can follow through thirteen different blog readers or subscribe via e-mail.  

Welcome to those of you coming over from the Giveaway!  If you are already a subscriber to this blog, you can still earn multiple entries by leaving a comment, sending a tweet, or following other blogs.  Even if you don’t win the raffle, you still get something if you choose to follow a blog or two and multiply your entries.

In case you missed my review of Catholic Lingo Bingo and Lingo Bingo Católico, here is a snippet: “What I like best about the game is that it is an opportunity to learn the names of objects used in the mass, such as the pall and corporal.  We see them every week, but we don’t talk about them outside of mass.  For this reason, the game is a great way to teach children who are preparing for First Communion about the way the Eucharist is treated during and after the mass.”

If you would rather purchase instead of taking a chance on the raffle, Monica is offering a Back to School Special until September 14th: purchase three PDFs and get $10 off.  Details here.

The four raffle winners will have ten kits to choose from.  You can see the full list of products here and see the list of reviews by product here.  If you are having trouble viewing the entry form below, come directly to the blog post from the e-mail or reader, or visit the entry form at Equipping Catholic Families.  The raffle is open until September 14th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Thanks for such a great post about the giveaway and even including snippets of your review! God bless!

  2. I just wanted to thank you for the referrals: Pray all continues to be well with you.

  3. Thank you both for the opportunities to link up. I am happy to highlight your blogs for the resources you offer, and I also appreciate the referrals I get from you.


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