Friday, October 28, 2011

Link Up Parties for Catholic Families and Bloggers

My friend, Xhonané, has invited me to participate in her Liturgical Calendar Link Up Party as a hostess.  A link up party is a way for bloggers to share their posts about the theme of the “party” in one place.  It’s a great way to find lots of posts about the same topic, to get to know other blogs, and to introduce people to your own blog by participating in the link up.  For Xhonané’s link up party, each blogger who participates will host one or more link ups themed around an event from the Catholic Church Calendar of Feast Days for the coming year.  Since I am committed to learning more about blogging, and I enjoy learning more about how to celebrate Catholic events with my family, I agreed to participate!

Xhonané blogs at Familia Católica, in Spanish (with the Google Translator at the top for those who don’t read Spanish) and decided that with a group of bloggers hosting for different events, we can all help each other learn about and celebrate the feast days for the coming year so much easier.  You can read about this link up, see who else is participating, or volunteer to host a theme by clicking on the button below.  

If you also blog, consider participating by hosting a link up, or simply by adding a relevant post to one or more of the link ups scheduled, especially mine!  I’m hosting for the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity scheduled for next June.  I gave myself plenty of lead time to learn how to make a button and host a link up!  You can learn too; we could learn together, if you like.

Today, I learned how to copy buttons, how to embed URLs for the host pages into the buttons, and how to place them in my sidebar.  You can see the two buttons at the top of the left sidebar.  The top button is for the inaugural link up of the Liturgical Calendar Link Party: All Saints Day, November 1st, and the next button will take you to the Liturgical Calendar Fiesta page (same as above).  Click on the button below (or the top one on the sidebar) to see all the posts participating in the All Saints Link up, or to link your own post.  This link up is hosted by Silvia of Homeschooling Católico (also in Spanish with the Google Translator at the top).  Some of the links in the party are in English; mine will be too.

I’m hoping to write a quick post about All Saints Day soon, so please check back for ideas about how to celebrate the saints with crafts and games, as well as saint costumes made with stuff you already have!

Reminder: check my Upcoming Events Page for information about two events where you can hear me read my poetry.  I’ll be on the radio and at a park in downtown Houston reading poetry next week.  You can RSVP for the park event at the top of the right sidebar.

If you are interested in more link ups for Catholics, visit Monica’s Catho-Link Library at Equipping Catholic Families.  She has collected link ups for many different events, so her page is a great resource for the entire liturgical year.

Also, at the new Catholic Bloggers Network, you will also find pages with links to Catholic Blogs, a Monthly Round up, Events, a Store, and much more.

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