Sunday, July 22, 2012

Children with Faith

Yesterday, I learned that my niece was recently inspired to do some writing for God during the VBS program she attended last month.  Her church is doing mission work at an orphanage in Cambodia, and she began writing Bible stories for the children because she learned that the orphanage does not have Bibles.  Without telling anyone, she wrote the stories and turned them in, full of faith that they would reach the children she wrote them for.  Her efforts are featured on a blog written by one of the pastors at her church.

Courtesy of Omar C. Garcia

You can read the post about my niece’s stories here.  [FYI for my Catholic readers: My youngest brother and his family attend a Baptist church].

I wanted to share her efforts with you because I found her gesture inspirational.  Children really do know how to listen when God asks them to do something for others, and this is a perfect example.  My own daughter also found her cousin’s work inspiring; she is now writing bible stories for the children at the Cambodian orphanage, because she feels that one copy is not enough for all of the children.   Judging by the comments on the blog post, God is working through my niece to encourage others to listen when he calls them to do his work.

So far, my daughter has written the stories of Daniel and Jonah (my niece wrote these also).  

You can learn more about how your children can participate in Catholic Missionary work at the website of the Missionary Childhood Association.

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  1. She is so inspiring. Talk about taking the gospel message and living it. Many prayers to her and your daughter as they continue to follow the path God is leading them. Thank you for this at the Our Favorite Things Link Party.

  2. So great to connect with you through the link party. I am happy to be following your blog!

  3. This is so lovely. It melts my heart to hear stories like this about the passion and immediacy of children's 'yes'es to God!

  4. To be so gifted by God at such a young age. Makes me wish I had another life to give. Beautiful and encouraging.

  5. Thank you all for hopping over from the link parties. It is indeed joyful to see children with such devotion.

  6. Neat thinking process, sharing with children who don't have access to the Word. I love to write stories for children, too. Maybe someday they will reach the right hearts.

  7. I always love the deep-hearted stories of kids! Thanks for sharing this on my link-up, Elisa!! I'm going to pop over and see her story. God bless!!

  8. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog while looking for posts about children and faith and wanted to ask you to encourage your neice to keep writing!
    I remember as a child doing a similar thing. I've since served overseas as a missionary and write books with strong missional themes. Perhaps God is calling her even now for the task he has prepared for her!
    Am so encouraged by this post this morning. Thank you.

  9. May God richly bless your sweet niece and your daughter for their work of love for others. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story at "TELL ME A STORY." The children who receive their stories will be blessed too.

  10. I am so pleased that this post has touched all of you in positive ways. May God continue to work through each of you.

  11. Wanted to let you know that T featured this post on this week's Our Favorite Things Link Party at My Life's a Treasure. Check it out here -

  12. Karri, thank you for featuring this post. I am honored and full of wonder that a child's simple act continues to inspire others.

  13. What a simple way for children to share their faith. It is certainly inspiring to me and what I might do with my children in the near future. Thank you. What a great link to catch from Catholic Icing!


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