Thursday, May 9, 2013

Saint Catherine of Sienna: Cards for the Sick

I do realize that this post is late for the actual feast day, but making cards for sick is an idea that works for any day of the year.

I volunteered to teach Saint Catherine of Sienna to the children in my Catholic Moms group without realizing how difficult it might be to explain her achievements to children, especially pre-schoolers.  That is, until I found this idea to make cards for the sick on her feast day to mimic her dedication to serving and helping others.  

I also found an explanation at Catholic Culture about Catherine of Sienna’s teachings regarding God’s presence in the world.  According to the author of this post, even a five year old could grasp an understanding of how God is everywhere, including inside us and how we are also in God.  Read about it here.

So, armed with a fish in the ocean metaphor for God’s presence, some blank card stock cut in half and folded like cards, and some goldfish crackers for a snack, I drove my kids to our designated park.  This particular day, most of the participating children were pre-schoolers, so while they enjoyed the crackers, they did not quite grasp the fish in the ocean, ocean in the fish idea.  Did I mention we do this at a park?  Who can concentrate when the playground, swings, and sunshine are calling?

Also, most of the kids weren’t sure what to put on a card for a sick person.  I suggested flowers and butterflies.  I provided crayons, markers, stickers, stamps, and glitter glue.  Even so, I ended up with cards that looked more like a coloring exercise than get well messages, but really whatever the children create always makes a good card.  Most people appreciate the time and effort of a handmade card.  I have sent them off to a relative, and will report back soon on her reaction.

Even though most of the children didn’t quite understand the lesson, I still think this activity is a good idea, so maybe I will try it again next year.  How do you teach children about Catherine of Sienna?

Check back soon for my posts about activities honoring Mary Our Queen and The Most Holy Trinity (I also plan to re-open last year’s Trinity link up).

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  1. Hi Elisa! I am glad to see a blog post!! I plan to relaunch my site in the next month or so; hopefully this time I can stick to a fairly regular schedule. Good luck with yours as well!!

  2. Nice way to teach St Catherine of Sienna! Thanks for sharing at the Catholic Bloggers Network!

  3. Thank you both for visiting.

    I look forward to seeing your blog posts again, Sylvia.


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