Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Great Post on How to Read and Enjoy a Poem

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I am still devoting most of my writing time to finishing the revision of my poetry manuscript (hence my continued lack of posts), but today I ran across a very interesting post that I thought anyone interested in poetry might appreciate.  As one of my readers, I am hoping you are interested in poetry; I realize it is a bit much to ask you to be as enthusiastic about it as I am.  In the spirit of promoting a wider audience for poetry, I share the following.

Ann Kroeker posted one of her poems in support of a friend who is participating in a poetry dare: a crash course in poetry appreciation over at the poetry site Tweetspeak.  While reading about the poetry dare (what a great idea!), I found this post written by Tania Runyan about how to read a poem.  She suggests starting with advice from former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins: Hold it up to the Light.  Runyan then proceeds to show you how, using a short poem full of images.

If you are not sure you “get poetry,” go read Runyan’s post.  It will help you “get it,” I promise!  And, it will fire you up to share poetry with others.  Seriously, if it doesn’t, you could always check back here for my upcoming posts about teaching poetry to my children.

In the spirit of sharing poetry, you can read excerpts from my poetry chapbook Entre la claridad, here.  Go ahead and try the Collins/Runyan reading method outlined in the link above on my poems.  I dare you.

If you only started reading this blog in the past year, here is a little information: Entre la claridad is a short book of poetry, written by me, mostly in English, with some Spanish phrases to more accurately reflect the dialog of South Texas.  The title can be translated as “Moving into Clarity.”  

You can purchase the book directly from the publisher, Mouthfeel Press.  (FCC notice: I do not receive income from book purchases, but I greatly appreciate your interest in my writing.)

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  1. Good luck with finishing your manuscript. I ought to do more poetry with my children.
    Thank you for sharing with Motivational Monday

  2. you have motivated me to gather and polish my short stories on readwave


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