Tuesday, May 24, 2011

About Me

I am a full time wife and mother, part time college instructor, and part time poet/essay writer/blogger. My husband and I agree that our two daughters benefit from a close family life, and we make financial, career, and social sacrifices in order to provide that. I teach in the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies department at the University of Houston. Despite my adherence to a seemingly traditional gender role as wife and mother, I believe in equality for all members of our society, and that women should have the right to freely choose how to live their lives as citizens, workers, cultural producers, and mothers. Working part time gives me the opportunity to care for my children while building a professional life. It also affords me time to write poetry and essays, an important part of my life that I would have to give up if I worked full time, given the demands of my children. This blog is an attempt to continue my writing career. I hope you find it useful, entertaining, and worth your time.

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