Monday, January 16, 2012

January Giveaway Winner

The winner of this drawing is my friend, Jen V., who has been reading the blog since the beginning.  Thank you, Jen for reading the blog and for participating in the drawing!  You win an autographed copy of Entre la claridad.

The next drawing, later this month, will be a second chance drawing for those who did not win this or any of the previous drawings.  Here are the entrants who have not previously won a drawing.  

Vee           Xhonané   Lauran     Martha     Michelle    Erika        Mento       Moisés       Heather   Maria V.    Sylvia       Elena        Alicia W.   Yolanda

Each of you will receive one entry in the second chance drawing!  If you wanted to participate in a previous drawing, but don’t see your name, you may have forgotten to tell me that you wanted to participate after completing the entry task.  It is a second chance for you too, if you have recently started following or subscribing, have liked the Entre la claridad page on Facebook, or have promoted the book on social media.  Let me know that you want to enter!

If you want to buy Entre la claridad, it is available for $7.00 from Mouthfeel Press.  Take a look at the other books from the press while you are there; you’ll see a selection of books by innovative and talented poets. 

If you have already read Entre la claridad, send me a short review or some reactions; I would like to post a round-up of comments in the future.  

Also, my poem “Bat Bridge” is included in the new collection of poems about the sacred by Mutabilis Press, Improbable Worlds.  Reading an anthology is a good way to familiarize yourself with poetry.  You can read about and buy that book here.

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