Saturday, January 28, 2012

Second Chance Giveaway Winner

The winner of this drawing is my friend Heather!  Contact me to collect your autographed copy of Entre la claridad.  Thank you to all the giveaway participants.  If there is enough interest in another giveaway, I will host also host one in February.  

If you have already won or purchased a copy of Entre la claridad, please send me your thoughts, reactions, reviews.  Good or bad, I’m willing to read them.

I have changed the look of the blog a little: moved some things around, added a few gadgets, and posted some new affiliations at the very bottom.  I think the sidebars look a little more organized and cleaner, even if they are a bit crowded.  

I’ve added a blog roll, listing those that include Tercets on their blog rolls.  If you want to participate in a blog roll mutual exchange, let me know.  Or, if you already list Tercets, but I have not listed your blog, tell me so.

I have been making plans for future posts.  In the works are “Stocking the Pantry for Lent,” “Not Your Ordinary Bean Dinners,” and if I can find the supplies I need, a craft for St. Valentine’s Day.  If there is anything you want to read about here, let me know.

If you want to buy Entre la claridad, it is available for $7.00 from Mouthfeel Press.  Take a look at the other books from the press while you are there; you’ll see a selection of books by innovative and talented poets in English and Spanish.  

Also, my poem “Bat Bridge” is included in the new collection of poems about the sacred by Mutabilis Press, Improbable Worlds.  Reading an anthology is a good way to familiarize yourself with poetry.  If you live in Houston, you can hear a large group of poets published in the anthology read at Brazos Bookstore on Saturday, February 25, at 2 p.m.  See the current list of future readings on my Upcoming Events page (blue bar above).

Have you liked the Entre la claridad page on Facebook?  I post notices about writing, the giveaways, and literary events there also.  Maybe I’ll make a Facebook page for Tercets one of these days. 

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