Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Angel Puppet for The Annunciation

Last week, my daughters were enamored with watercolors and crayon resist, so we used that technique to paint some wings for an angel puppet.  

In December, we made Mary Puppets from wooden spoons, which we used to dramatize the journey to Bethlehem.  Around that time, I found a post explaining how to make angel ornaments at Designs by Birgit.  Birgit had linked her post to several Christmas link ups, and I had hoped to make some of her ornaments, but did not have a chance to do so before Christmas, although I decided that I wanted one to dramatize The Annunciation, celebrated on March 25.  

Last week we finally made the angel, inspired by Birgit’s ornaments.  Because our Mary puppets are made from wooden spoons, I decided to use a wooden handled spatula with a plastic head that had seen one too many hot pans to make the angel, so each of the puppets is nearly the same size.

For the halo, I wrapped a gold pipe cleaner around the top of the spatula.  Then, we traced the spatula onto cardstock to make the face, and drew a gown below.  My oldest daughter drew the angel’s face and painted the gown.

I placed the spatula on a piece of cardstock and drew the wings around it using a white crayon, including the letter “v” here and there to represent feathers.  Then, each of my daughters watercolored one wing, including the fringe at the bottom to show hanging feathers.  When the paint was dry, I cut out the wings together with the middle space all in one piece so that they could be glued to the spatula.  Then, we decorated the wings and gown with glitter.

Lastly, once the glitter dried, everything was attached to the spatula with the glue gun (my very first glue gun project).  Be sure to check out Brigit’s link above in case I have forgotten to write down any important steps.

To dramatize The Annunciation, we read Luke 1:26 - 38 and acted out the conversation between Mary and the Angel Gabriel using our puppets.  We even started with our angel up in heaven moving down to earth. 

The book Mary’s First Christmas by Walter Wangerin, Jr. also contains a version of this story; the book begins with The Annunciation and covers the events through the Holy Family’s return to Nazareth from Egypt.  You can learn more about this book by clicking on the image of Mary and the infant Jesus in the Children’s Book Carousel in the left sidebar.  FYI: when you click on the book image, you will open a window to the Amazon website.

Our new angel puppet is now standing on the mantel waiting for another play or dramatic opportunity.  In the meantime, he reminds us of our guardian angels and that God guides us and helps us.  He also gets to lead the saint parade of puppets we have made recently.

Read about how we used our spoon puppets to dramatize the Visitation here.

Read about another angel made from a paper plate here.

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  1. Love, love, love what you did and how you connected it to your prior craft and activities!

    Such wonderful things you are doing with your children.

    Thanks for linking up at THH!

  2. PS I shared this and your other posts through links at I did not use your pictures, but wanted to ask if I might borrow one or two in the future to highlight your wonderful posts. If you would rather I don't, that's fine. I just know some folks are visual and think people would click over to your great stuff with a pic.

  3. Martianne: Thank you for highlighting my posts! Yes, you may borrow a picture or two. FYI, my pictures from older posts are not labeled with the web address, so if you ever want to borrow one of those, let me know and I will label them for you.

  4. Thank you! And, please send me a tutorial on how you watermark your photos. I figured out how to do it with Windows Livewriter, but found I prefer to write on word for now and to copy and paste to blogger since I couldn't get the hand of things on livewriter. I'd like to mark my photos better. If you have tips, please share. Thanks!

  5. Will do! I also write on Word and label the photos in Paint.

  6. The spoon and the spatula met! So cute and what a fun way to make Angels and other characters.


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