Monday, March 5, 2012

AWP Conference Highlights

My friend and fellow poet-blogger and panel organizer Katie just posted about her first day at the AWP conference, and she included this photo of our panel with two volunteers from the community organization BorderSenses.  I’m the one sitting on the left (in case we haven’t met).

I met many people at AWP, including all of the wonderful ladies who spoke on the panel with me.  Our panel was well received (no negative comments that I’m aware of), I sold a few books, talked to several publishers about my full length manuscript, and learned about a couple of organizations for women writers that I plan to connect with.  Overall, a great success, I’d say.

My husband traveled with me and had his own adventures visiting museums and Chicago attractions.  I would share more pictures with you of the conference and my husband’s sightseeing, but we haven’t yet determined how to move pictures from the ipad to the computer.  Since we don’t have smart phones and our camera is quite bulky with long lenses and such, we decided to try using the ipad.  It works great, but now we need to master photo and video transfer.  

UPDATE: We transferred all the photos and most of the video from the ipad to the computer tonight (Tuesday).  Here is a picture of my books for sale at the book signing event.

I hope to post again in a few days, so please check back for “Not Your Ordinary Seafood Dinners” and “Saint Joseph as the First Knight”.

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