Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cards for the Easter Season

We have made a couple of different types of cards for the Easter season.  Cards are a good way to share the joy of The Resurrection with others, or to display at home to remind us that the Easter season is ongoing.   

These cards are a great way to encourage creativity because children can design them however they wish.  You can make both types of cards blank on the inside, and after they dry, you can write or glue on your Easter message.

We started by designing egg shaped cards using crayon resist and watercolors.  We drew egg shapes on cardstock with a white crayon and filled in with decorations in crayon before painting with watercolors.  You can decorate the egg with secular designs or religious symbols and sayings.  (Read more about converting secular eggs to religious ones at this post.)

Make sure you draw the egg to one side of the cardstock page so you can fold it over before you cut.

After the paint dries, fold the page so that one edge of your painted egg is on the fold.

Then, cut your egg shape out, leaving enough fold to keep the card together.  You are ready to write your message inside.

Last month, when I found Amanda’s link up for A Meaningful Easter, I found linked there a post by Jessica at Our Family for His Glory illustrating cross pictures she made with her children using masking tape and dot paints.  When we made ours, we started by folding cardstock in half lengthwise.  Then, we used blue painter’s tape (what we had) and brush paints to create our cards.  

The cards looked good with the tape still on, but we may have waited too long to take off the tape, so the pictures tore a bit where the tape was attached.  Maybe we should have followed the directions!  We will try again and hopefully remember to take off the tape as soon as they dry.

Jessica’s post also explains how to make crosses that look like stained glass.  We are going to have to try those too!

I am attaching this post to the Easter Link up hosted by Lázaro at Aprendiendo a Vivir en Cristiano.  Please go visit to see what other bloggers are sharing, or to attach your own post.  This link up is part of the Liturgical Calendar Link up Party organized by Xhonané at Familia Católica.

I have also added this post to the Catholic Bloggers Round Up at the new CatholicBloggers Network.  

Amanda at Impress Your Kids is hosting a Meaningful Easter Link up, where I have attached my post.  There, you can read her post and many others about how to focus on the Lamb and not the bunny this Easter season.

Martianne at Training Happy Hearts hosts a weekly Faith Formation in Young Children Link up, so I have connected there also.

One more: Monica at Equipping Catholic Families also hosts a Cele-linky Through the Catholic Seasons with a few link ups and lists of Link up Parties hosted by others for each season.  I’m linked up under Easter there.


  1. ¡Qué hermosísimas tarjetas Elisa! Especialmente me encantaron las de la cruz : ) Felicidades a los artistas y gracias pór compartirlas en la fiesta de enlaces!!

  2. Thank you for the great ideas! I am slacking lately, but my kids will love this. Seems super easy, too.

  3. Thanks for visiting, Jaime. These cards are very easy to make, and fun! I hope your children enjoy them.


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