Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Book is on Sale at a Local Bookstore

We live in a new world that I as an author am still adjusting to: many people no longer read books for pleasure, the people who still read books often buy them on-line and are growing devoted to e-book readers.  Consequently, the number of bookstores is dwindling.  Even people in my own family asked why I published a physical book instead of an e-book.  I’m old school that way.  Poetry publishers and the books they print are old school that way too.  

However, the conditions of the new literature market make it harder than ever to see a chapbook (shorter than a volume or regular length book) of poetry with a limited run from a small independent publisher for sale at an actual brick and mortar bookstore.  Thankfully, the publisher of Improbable Worlds, Mutabilis Press, based here in Houston, has arranged for a special event and exhibit at our local literary bookstore.  In honor of National Poetry Month, which begins today, Brazos Bookstore will feature a display of books by Houston poets in their store.  

My two chapbooks, Entre la claridad and Familia, are included in the display and available for sale.  So, if you live in Houston, but have not yet bought either of my books, please visit Brazos Bookstore and buy your copy.  Because they are for sale on consignment, if all the copies sell, Brazos may choose to sell the books beyond the original contract.  That would make this old school writer who still hopes to see my work in an actual physical book very happy.

Of course, you can still order Entre la claridad directly from the publisher, Mouthfeel PressFamilia is only available directly from me or at Brazos Bookstore for a limited time.

Also in honor of National Poetry month, MutabilisPress is hosting another reading by the poets published in their anthology of spiritual poems, Improbable Worlds.  This event is at Brazos Bookstore this Thursday, April 5 at 7 p.m.  If you are planning to stop by Brazos to buy my books anyway, this would be a good night to go.   

I’m going to read a poem from Entre la claridad titled “Stations of the Cross Park, Mount St. Francis Friary,” in homage to Holy Week.  Here is an excerpt, to tease you:

Ash and pine poke through sloped banks,
a vista of miniatures versus giants.

These towers crowd and disperse,
segregate one turn, one station

of the path from another,
one solemn moment from the next.

Garden update:  In my last post, I wrote about what we planted in the garden last weekend.  All of the transplants have survived, and either the broccoli or kale seeds have sprouted in droves.  If you want some herbs or some of the new sprouts, let me know!

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