Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Link Up for Our Lady of Guadalupe

As part of the ongoing Liturgical Calendar Link up Party I’ve been participating in, Silvia at Homeschooling Católico is hosting a link up for the upcoming feast day for Our Lady of Guadalupe.  She is opening the link up on December 1; everyone is invited to join the fun, so if you blog about Nuestra Señora, go attach your link.  Click on the button on the left sidebar, or at the end of this post for more information.  Silvia blogs in Spanish, but includes the Google Translator on her page for those who don’t read Spanish.  My post will be in English, as will others, so be sure to go and check out the links.

I recently added The Google Translator to the left sidebar of my blog; you should also see a bar at the top of the page if your language is not listed as English for the computer you are using.  If you use the translator, please tell me how well it works for you.  And, welcome!  My participation in the Liturgical Calendar Link ups has brought many Spanish language readers to this blog.  I also have readers from Russia, Germany, Italy, France, and many other countries.  I hope the translation feature makes this blog more enjoyable for all my international readers.

If you don’t already know, Our Lady of Guadalupe is an incarnation of Mary, also known as the Patroness of the Americas.  She appeared to an Aztec Indian, now known as Saint Juan Diego, asking him to deliver a message to the local bishop to build a shrine in her honor on the holy site for the native goddess Tonantzin, on the summit of Tepayec.  The miracles she performed to convince the bishop to comply with her wishes were also instrumental in convincing many native Mexicans to embrace Catholicism while maintaining their native identity.  Her image, given to us as one of her miracles, is so revered that it is duplicated in many ways: as photographs, as murals, on shirts, as figurines, on banners, and even as tattoos, car dashboard ornaments and night lights.

My blog post for this feast will explain how to make a plaque as a family from items you already have at home.  This is a great way to teach children about the importance of Nuestra Señora as well as provide a(nother) visible reminder about Mary’s holiness in your home.  You can read it here.

You can see more information about this and the other link ups for the Liturgical Calendar, or volunteer to host one yourself, by clicking on the buttons below.

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